Sebastian and Zakharyan’s bright attacking skills, Ordets’ successful tackles – follow Dynamo individual stats analysis

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We have already analyzed the Dynamo team statistics for the first five months of the 2021/22 season. It's time to pay attention to the personal achievements of our footballers.

Only two players – Moro and Tyukavin – took part in all 20 matches this season. Moro and Ordets entered the starting lineup 19 times each.

Sandro Schwarz was named the RPL coach of the month three times – in July/August, September and November/December. It was only in October that Krylia Sovetov manager Igor Osinkin could surpass him.

Four Dynamo players made their debut in Russian national teams: Zakharyan and Tyukavin played for the senior national team, Budachyov debuted for the Russia U-21, while Gladyshev defended the colours of the Russia U-19.

Szymanski tops the assist makers’ list of the RPL this season alongside with Malcom and Cabella (6 assists). At the same time, Seba is taking a break among leaders in this category for the second consecutive year.

Fomin is the team's best scorer with 7 goals. Daniil repeated his best result in the career. In the first part of the season, he converted four penalties and continues his successful streak from the eleven-meter spot having 19 converted penalties on his account.

According to the goal+assist system, Szymanski shares the third place with Mateo Cassierra from PFC Sochi. Both footballers recorded 11 points. Agalarov surpassed them by only two points, Dzyuba — by four points.

At the same time, the Polish international took part in almost half of the team's goal scoring attacks — 15 (4th place in the RPL). Zakharyan is slightly behind — 14 (9th place).

Arsen surpassed Seba by accurate crosses – 36 against 35. These are respectively the 4th and 5th place in the RPL.

Zakharyan is on top by pass accuracy to the final third – 70 passes brought him the 4th place in the Premier League.

Moro is the sole leader in ball returns on the rival's half of the pitch – 43. This category includes interceptions, rebounds or won tackles, after which the opportunity for a fast attack comes out. If we take the general stats of returns, then the representative of our team takes the first place in it — Ivan Ordets has 188 of them.

Ivan is also successful in the pass accuracy – 90 percent (832 out of 921). Only Wendel is better in the league in this category (93 percent).

Leshchuk has the best percentage of shots turned aside in the RPL — 94.1. Igor denied 16 of 17 shots on his goal.

Makarov keeps holding the title of the main dribbler of our team: 97 dribbling attempts (5th result in the RPL), 44 of them are successful (7th place).

Shunin kept four clean sheets in the first part of the season, and now he has 98 clean sheets before joining the Lev Yashin's Club. There are only two clean sheets left!

Ordets is the most effective tackler at Dynamo: he is the third in the Premier League in total number of tackles (185), second by won aerial duels (110) and first in defensive tackles (160).